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Icons Evaluated's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Icons Evaluated

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[User/Community Name] river_ofstars

[Layout] Kind of plain, but sometimes that's good to get the
focus on the icons. ^_^

[Who's in Them?] Lots of Johnny Depp, Gale Harold, Alison
Lohman, Johnny Depp, Sex and the City, and of course, Johnny Depp!

[Text] Fancy text + plain text = love. It's great. Also,
mixing text sizes is good! Most All text is readable, which I
definitely like.

[Colors] The colors don't vary TOO much from the original pictures, though there are a few splashes in there.

[Suggestions] Maybe try more color, brushes, or experiment with funky borders? Try 100x100_brushes.

[Overall] I really like your icons, especially how you add several versions of each base, along with the base and in some cases, the actual full-size picture. So awesome. Johnny Depp = teh hawtness.

[3 Favorites]

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[User/Community Name]urbanangelicons

[First Impression] Whoo! Awesome layout. Not that I haven't seen your journal before. ^_~ Just the right number of teaser icons, nice descriptions of what's under the cut. I like bluuuue.

[Layout] BTW, I like blue. I really like the layout. Did you design it?

[Who's in Them?] Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Lost

[Text] Lots of small + big text, and then just small, and then just big. :D So diverse. Your textual abilities are lovely. It's hard to think of something to say on icons. ><

[Colors] Variety of colors - the more the better, I say.

[Suggestions] Maybe try some new borders? You usually use either a plain 1px border or none at all. Ooh, btw, thanks for the link to Damn Apple. Those are great! Hm. Other than that, you should pimp your journal. ^_^

[Overall] Really like your icons, always have. :D

[3 Favorites]

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[User/Community Name] crapnahalficons

[First Impression] Hah, love the name. It takes a very long time to load and I can't see the banner in Mozilla Firefox browser.

[Layout] Checked in Internet Explorer and it's awesome! Love the banner.

[Who's in Them?] X-men characters

[Text] I really like the way you use text. Many different fonts in various styles and colors. They fit nicely with each icon.

[Colors] Colors are great. Bright, since they're mostly cartoons.

[Suggestions] You should probably put most of your icons underneath an LJ-cut. It makes for easier loading for people with slower connections, etc. Maybe try using different types of border brushes, play with gradients, background brushes.

[Overall] Your icons are original! Love 'em.

[3 Favorites]
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[21 Jan 2005|02:14pm]


Comment here with the name of your icon journal or community to be evaluated.

Evaluations will be in the form of new posts, so friend iconsevaluated to see your review.

If you want to be a moderator, submit the same information and also why you want to be a mod.

Mods - be sure to delete the icon maker's comment after you've completed their review!
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